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RG-6/U is a common type of coaxial
cable used in a wide variety of The term
"RG-6" itself is quite generic and refers
to a wide variety of cable designs, which
differ from one another in shielding
characteristics, center conductor
composition, and dielectric type. RG-6
was originally a military spec where RG
means Radio Guide, but is now
obsolete; in practice, the term "RG-6" is
generally used to refer to coaxial cables
with an 18 AWG center conductor and
75 ohm characteristic impedance.

The most commonly-recognized variety
of RG-6 is CATV distribution coax, used
to route cable television signals to and
within homes, and RG-6 type cables
have become the standard for CATV,
mostly replacing the smaller RG-59, in
recent years. CATV distribution coax
typically has a copper-coated steel
center conductor and a combination
aluminum foil/aluminum braid shield,
typically with low coverage (about
60%). RG-6 type cables are also used in
professional video applications, carrying
either baseband analog video signals or
serial digital interface (SDI) signals; in
these applications, the center conductor
is ordinarily solid copper, the shielding is
much heavier (typically aluminum
foil/95% copper braid), and tolerances
are more tightly controlled, to improve
impedance stability.

RG-6 cables typically are fitted with
some type of connector at each end; in
CATV distribution applications, these are
typically F connector style; in
professional baseband video, BNC
connectors; and in consumer a/v
applications other than RF and CATV,
RCA plugs.
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